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Many thanks for your fine work in TrailGuide. It looks excellent, and we're very proud of it. I hope you are, too. You are lovely to work with – steady, thoughtful, fun, and kind  and makes this project easier for us. And you make the GAP look good!
Bryan M. Perry, Editor of TrailGuide
I talked to an AP reporter out of Harrisburg today. As a side bar he said that the newsletter was one of the best he has ever seen based on the design, attractiveness and the quality of writing. Thought you should know.
Bryon Shissler, Editor of Resource Report
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your work on the promotional materials for my beach house Dolfin’s Folly. I have to tell you that I have been getting some tremendous feedback on the designs and that people have been asking me for the t-shirts even though they will never even get to the beach! To me, that’s a real testimony of the quality of your work. Your approach has helped me to solve several problems at once and it allows me to keep the actual production costs down as well.  It truly has been a great experience working with you. 
Bob Leavitt, Dolfin’s Folly
I hope you’ve recovered from the newsletter (which, BTW looks just great!!). The producer read over it after we’d done all our corrections over the weekend and didn’t have a single note except to say it was a compelling, interesting, well-designed newsletter. Thank you for all your hard work and good design sense!
Mary Louise Stoughton, Editor, Mill & Mountain
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